ready to use

social distancing device


• Wear Zinder as a wristband or as a lanyard
• In unsafe distance Zinder turns red and gives three short vibrations
• Back in safe distance Zinder will turn green and give one short vibration

A real life example of Zinder used in daily life

A real life example of Zinder used in a medical environment

Ready to use

Convenience for all

Easy to clean

Long battery life (72 hrs)

Easy recharge (micro usb)

Wristband, lanyard holder

No personal data needed or stored

No app or extra hardware needed

Many colors

Optional branding wristband

1-year warranty

Zinder is so easy to use, you can start using Zinder today

ZINDER @ Your location

The Zinder with a company name or logo is a strong signal of social responsibility. It shows that the company puts safety and health first, and it emanates safety.
Your company name or logo can be printed on the Zinder wristband or on the lanyard.

From boutiques to big box

From co-working spaces to universities

From museums to care homes

From airports to public transport

Zinder Technology

• Unique hardware and software solution
• Proven real time monitoring technology as used in oil and gas winning industry
• Zinder measures every angle
• Back to back and around the corner measuring

Zinder Pricing

Zinder’s pricing is very competitive. This low cost guarantees a feasible investment for any organization, small or large. Of course, a considerable volume advantage applies with large numbers.

About Zinder

Zinder comes with a wristband, lanyard holder and micro usb charging cable.
Chargers for 10, 20, 40 or 60 cables can be ordered only in combination with Zinder.
Zinder holder for shopping trolleys and shopping baskets are easy to mount.
Zinder is developed in The Netherlands and produced by Suntein Global (HK) Ltd.
Sales representation for Europe, South East Asia, Latin, Central and North America, The Pacific and Africa.

Request for ATEX certification can be honored at clients request.

Patent on hardware and software pending.