Help associates, customers or visitors stay safe

Help associates, customers or visitors stay safe

From boutiques to big box

From boutiques to big box








Zinder is able to measure the distance to any other Zinder and alert the user with a vibration and a red light when the social distancing is in danger. The Zinder helps people to keep their social distance. The user can act upon the alert or not. That is up to the user. 

Being not to close to each other is not easy especially in these covid-19 pandemic times. Zinder makes it easy for people to attend each other on the social distance. Users wearing a Zinder are serious about their health but also the health from others. 

The Zinder is able to cover all angles to measure with another Zinder. Back to back situations are measured as the human body is no barrier for the Zinder. 

Situations covered only with the Zinder technology* inside. 

*Zinder does not use Bluetooth or UWB to measure the distance. The Zinder chip is unique and mostly used in the oil and gas industry. The Zinder software makes precision measuring possible.


From boutiques to big box

Retailers can protect their associates when they use Zinder. Retailers can use Zinder devices for shopping carts or baskets to make customers part of the Zinder eco-system. 

‘Personal safety rises in the hierarchy from position 4 to 3 of purchase drivers (consistent at 40%).’ 

(from KPMG Covid-19 Pulse survey September 2020) 

From co-working spaces to universities

Providing all people working or studying in one location a Zinder to wear gives all a safe feeling. Providing guests or visitors a Zinder during their stay will automatically make them part of the Zinder ecosystem. 

A new hybrid way of working is maybe the new real. Benefits of real live meeting colleagues or fellow students are very obvious. 

Zinder can make it easy to work together again at a social distance in offices, co-working spaces and universities.

From museums to care homes

Using Zinder in environments like museums brings back cultural experiences again. Staff and guests in one ecosystem. The same counts for care homes where the elderly people, staff and visitors can create a social distancing ecosystem as well. As the Zinder vibrates 3 times when going into red and 1 time when going into green allows even the partially sighted or blind to maintain in social distance.

From airports to public transport

Airports or public transport can recommend or even make it compulsory to their clients or visitors to wear a Zinder. As soon as they wear the Zinder everyone inside the ecosystem will benefit from the social distance alerts from the Zinder. 

Zinder Technology


Zinder developed a brand-new product with a unique hardware and software solution.
The hardware makes it possible to measure and see angles other solutions with Bluetooth or uwb chips inside do not see or measure. The human body, around a corner and even a closed door is no barrier for the Zinder solution. Steel could be a barrier for the Zinder; although tests show various results.

Distance measuring results are close to reality and show up to +/- 10cm accuracy on the required social distance. A Zinder in movement measures different than a non-moving Zinder. Exactness can sometimes be influenced by little external factors like a piece of metal near a Zinder. 

The Zinder chip is proven technology and as example used in the oil and gas winning industry for real time monitoring. The Zinder software makes it possible to use the chip for social distancing.

– Battery lifetime is approximately 72 hours. Zinder is rechargeable via the micro USB cable.

– Certificates: CE / FCC / RoHS.

– Zinder standard with 1-year warrantee.

– Zinder is prepared for ATEX certificate.

– Patent pending on the hardware/software solution.

– The Zinder as wristband, lanyard and shopping basket can handle water spray at IP43 level.

– The Zinder in the shopping cart holder can hold the IP65 level.

– Cleaning by disinfectant possible

Zinder no privacy issues 

Zinder is plug and play. Zinder can be used without any other application and no personal data is needed or collected. Zinder does not store any personal data on the device. Zinder is not connected to a single or identifiable user. Other devices will not interfere or able to connect with a Zinder. 

Your branding or message

Zinder acknowledge that personal branding at the Zinder wristband, lanyard or shopping basket could motivate employees, guests, customers or members even more to adjust their social distancing behavior in favor to fight Covid-19. 

Inform about the possibilities. We are open for any clients’ suggestion. 

Zinder will not support trademark infringements by non-trademark owners.

Zinder is most affordable

Zinder is top quality for the lowest price. Due to the unique technology inside; the Zinder cannot be compared with any other social distance device. Zinder is in all cases at least half the price from others. 

Zinder is developed in The Netherlands and produced by Suntein Global (HK). Sales representation for Europe, South East Asia, Latin, Central and North America, The Pacific and South Africa.


Zinder Service Solutions

Zinder USB chargers for events or other occasions are available. Special chargers for 10, 20, 40 or 60 Zinders at the same time. Only sold in combination with Zinder wearables.

Zinder for shopping trolleys and shopping baskets are easy to mount. Safety alarm strips can be attached at the Zinder. When using the Zinder at the shopping basket the user of the basket will be part of the ecosystem made by the Zinders used by the associates.

We take our responsibilities to our communities and the environment seriously and continually review practices and quality standards, so that our customers can be assured of a reputable supplier.

Zinder is a Dutch design and made in China. Our factory is one of the biggest in China with capacity to honor each ordersize. 

We take our responsibilities to our communities and the environment seriously and continually review practices and quality standards, so that our customers can be assured of a reputable supplier.