Help associates, customers or visitors stay safe

Help associates, customers or visitors stay safe

From boutiques to big box

From boutiques to big box








The Zinder solution of hardware and software is absolutely unique. Zinder is able to measure and see angles other devices using e.g. a bluetooth chip miss. This makes the Zinder a highly trusted wearable.


From boutiques to big box

Integrate the Zinder in the consumer’ shopping trip. Retailers can issue a Zinder to their associates. Store managers or real estate owners can issue a Zinder to their clients before entering the store or shopping center. Hypermarkets and supermarkets can mount the special designed Zinder for shopping supplies on trolleys and baskets.

Customers, employees and shopping supplies create a ‘Zinder ecosystem’. This will give a safe feeling to all involved and the reassurance that they are complying with recommended social distancing guidelines. Visitors will be glad to follow up the rules. They just want to feel safe.

>> Design your own issuing and return process or ask us for a solution

>> The Zinder can be disinfected with alcohol without risk of damage

>>€ 13,95 / piece FOB Hongkong. Inform with us for a DDP offer.

From co-working spaces to universities

Providing all people working or studying in one location a Zinder to wear gives all a safe feeling. Providing visitors a Zinder during their stay will automatically make them part of the Zinder ecosystem.

From museums to care homes

Providing a gallery, museum, hospital or care home visitor at the entrance a Zinder to wear allows the visitor to enjoy their stay. Together with the people working in these environments a Zinder ecosystem is created and all feel safe. A frequent back to back situation can be handled by the Zinder. Also when wearing Zinder as a lanyard around the neck.

From airports to public transport

Airports or public transport can recommend or even make it compulsory to their clients or visitors to wear a Zinder. As soon as they wear the Zinder everyone inside the ecosystem will benefit from the social distance alerts from the Zinder.

Integration of public transport chips from semi-conductor manufacturers is possible. These are tailor made solutions. Public transport clients benefit from the Zinder functionality and can use the Zinder wristband for travelling with public transport.

>> Zinder can be used for customer loyalty objective.

>> Zinder for business or wholesalers just € 13,95 / piece FOB Hongkong. Inform with us for a DDP offer.

Zinder Technology


Zinder developed a brand-new product with a unique hardware and software solution.
The hardware used makes it possible to measure and see angles other solutions such as bluetooth or uwb miss. The human body is mostly a natural barrier.
The human body and various other elements are no barrier for the Zinder solution.
Distance measuring results close to reality and show up to +/- 10cm accuracy on the required social distance.

The Zinder chip is proven technology in the oil and gas winning industry for realtime monitoring. The Zinder software makes it possible to use the chip for social distancing.

Social distance rules are country specific and preprogrammed.
Zinder can be switched on and off via a little button. Zinder has the option to group two or more Zinders. For example several people of one family can use Zinder and they will not give an alert when grouped to each other. The Zinder will only give an alert when another Zinder, who is not grouped, is in an unsafe zone. Battery lifetime is approximately 72 hours. Zinder is rechargable via the included micro USB cable.

Patent pending on the hardware/software solution.
IP level: wristband/lanyard IP48.
In the shopping cart/basket holder: IP65.

Zinder GDPR / HIPAA / PDPO proof – no privacy issues 

Zinder can be used without any other application and no personal data is needed or collected. Zinder does not store any personal data on the device. Zinder is not related or limited to a single or identifiable user. Zinder does not register any data like, for example counting of Zinder switching to red or green. Zinder just measures distances between two Zinders. Other apparatus or devices will not interfere or able to approach Zinder. Zinder is safe and helps people to keep the recommended social safe distance.

Zinder reporting possible

Zinder offers a reporting solution which can contain privacy touching elements. Zinder reporting needs additional hardware inside the Zinder and requires at the client side some infrastructure details. Zinder prefers a plug and play solution and needs no new beacons. Zinder keeps it simple for the client side.
Inform about the possibilities.

Business branding possible

Your company or organization probably prefers an own design wristband. We can offer you a tailor made color wristband and logo printed Wristband. MOQ’s are reasonable and a full color logo extra cost are low.
Inform with Zinder for the possibilities and email to

Zinder is most affordable

Zinder is designed in The Netherlands. The Zinder wearable can be used as a wristband or as lanyard around a persons neck. The Zinder size is 45mm diameter matching a mens watch.

Zinder exports directly from Hong Kong to the client and provides all certificates matching the specific importing country. CE, FCC, EAC, UL, RoHS to name a few. Zinder holds the Certificate of Origin China.

Zinder has exclusive sales partners for Latin America, Central America and Northern America, Australia and several countries in Western Europe. A South Africa partner will soon be available. Until then clients are welcomed to reach out to the EMEA office or the Latin America office.

Zinder is still interested in local sales partners present in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Get in touch with Zinder via

When your business is interested in reselling please get in touch for the possibilities via


Zinder B2B Price

Zinder wristband € 13,95 / piece, FOB Hongkong

Zinder device + silicon wristband available in many colors + silicon lanyard holder + USB cable (75cm) packed per piece
Zinder can provide logistic solutions.

Zinder service solutions

Zinder USB chargers for events or other occasions available to charge 10, 20, 40 or 60 Zinders at the same time. Only sold in combination with Zinder wearables at so called service price-level (CE/UL).

Zinder provides solutions for shopping trolley’s. The Zinder will be inside a universal holder that can be mounted at any shopping cart and any shopping basket.

The Daisy chain cable solution is needed to charge the mounted Zinders at the shopping trolley’s or baskets. One plug and all Zinders will be charged during the time they are connected.

Zinder is a Dutch design and made in China. Our factory is one of the biggest in China with capacity to honor each ordersize. 

We take our responsibilities to our communities and the environment seriously and continually review practices and quality standards, so that our customers can be assured of a reputable supplier.